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Company Moto

Caring attention & Creativity

Attitude inherited from the company founder


Company Principle

[Caring attention & Creativity]


At Showa Kako we are still guided by the motto of our founder. "Caring Attention and Creativity." We use this as a guide to human resource development and corporate action.



This motto which reflects the spirit of Showa Kako is established by Showa Kako's founder Shonosuke Ogura which is passed on to the generations ahead. From its beginning Showa Kako has faced the future with determination and using this guiding principal has risen to the challenge of continual technological improvement and innovation.





Showa Kako, thinks that it is a mission as a company to contribute to realisation of more affluent society with the outstanding technology. As for the ideal society of 21st century, a real affluent society where people and nature can live together forever. It is important to achieve the earth environment where everyone can live in comfort and pass on to the next generation. We at Showa Kako mainly striving towards the positive technology which focuses on "creation of a product which considered environment”. Based on sincere corporate philosophy, we also continued to aim at addition quality control organization. We have acquired ISO9002 certification (Suita Plant, June 1997) and the similar positive efforts are been made to for all the products and affiliates.

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