Research and Development(Technology Basis)
Research and Development(Technology Basis)
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Research and development(technical bases)

Three technical bases of supporting research and development


Organic synthesis

The organic synthesis technology which is developed after so many years of experience of manufacturing dye, is the core of our research and development.

By the optimum use of technology like hetrocycle synthesis technology, various fine chemical products, pharmaceuticals intermediaries, photosensitive material etc. are produced.


Inorganic synthesis

Metallic compound mainly tin compound and other like antimony compound, titanium compound etc. are manufactured. These Inorganic material are widely used, such as electronic industry material, a conductive material, plating and pottery industry, and

we are also putting our efforts in various useful development.



The foundation of our citric acid manufacturing technology is environment friendly biotechnology in which we use enzyme and microbes. We have succeeded in cultivation of mushrooms, such as shiitake mushroom by using citric acid fermentation. Currently, we have vigorously promoted research and development of EL grade tartaric acid by using organic synthesis and very little metallic content.


Multipurpose pilot plants support research development

Established in 1985 and 1989, the multipurpose pilot plant supporting research and development, these two plants regularly undergo modification and expansion as the company enhances its research capabilities. Research and development are supported and aiming for establishment of the industrialization technology for various development articles, these plants are equipped with various equipment and apparatus which can produce several kilograms to several tons monthly.


Consideration for safety and the environment

Our company is using various raw material among those material there are a few such as cyanide salts and carbon bisulfide which are required to be handle carefully. We at Showa Kako, from the research and development stage never neglect and always take in consideration the safety, not only for the working environment and employees but also for the local residents and environment around.

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