ISO・Quality Assurance・Enviornment Assurance
ISO・Quality Assurance・Enviornment Assurance
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Quality System Registration Certificate

The Showa Kako has implemented ISO 9001 ”Quality managment  standard” in all the places of business including all the products and  group companies, the management technique which had been applied to GMP products " elaborates quality from a process" is developed and deployed into all the products, various activies have been carried out in order to gain the assurance and satisfaction for the "SHOWA KAKO BRAND" .
Acquired ISO 14001 in 2005, GMP(Japanese Standards of Food Additive) in 2011.Presently we our target is to acquire ISO22000 within the year 2014. And also we are in the process to acquire OHSAS18001 in near future.we ahve already acquired WCA(Workplace conditions assesment) which aim to be gentle towards "people and earth", effort are been made for better quality control, which aims at the improvement of quality system in development, purchase, manufacture, logistics, sale , and strives for distribution of the high quality product for the customer satisfaction.


Promptly acquired ISO9002 for the main product of Osaka head office and Suita Plant (JQA-1794), Induced Quality Assurance System not only for the Pharmaceuticals Specific GMP product but also for the general products.

■1999 Introduced SKHP (Showa Kako Happy Plan) to promote all employees' involvement in Quality Control.

Regarding core products of the Mikuni factory, ISO9002 standard products are expanded.

As a introductory preparation of environmental management a green eco-plan is started

■2001 The Tokyo branch also acquires ISO9002 standard and expands it to all the business place.
License of GMP products is updated.
■2002 In accordance with the migration from ISO 9001 standard 2000 year version、the concept of "Quality Managment" is introduced by the complete management for the quality of the product
■2003 Migrate from ISO9001 to 2000 year version, Expansion of Quality Managment in all business and products.
■2004 Group Companies(Kyushu Kako, Satsuma Kako) acquired ISO 9001 standard 2000 year version.

ISO 14001 standard 2004 edition is acquired.


On this opportunity of 10th Year of ISO Managment system, we aim at the company with customer's reliability and great place of employees to work which inturn aim towards the improvement of managment quality.

■2011 Acquisition of food additive GMP  
■2012 The group companies (Kyushu Kako and Satsuma Kako) also acquired Japanese Standards of Food Additives GMP
■2014 Acquisition of ISO 22000


Enviornment Consideration Is Important

In order to further improve the security and stability regarding quality, after the sucessful acquisition of  ISO9001, ISO14000,

WCA, food additive GMP, we have acquired ISO22000.

Our Group of companies Kyushu Kako and  Satuma Kako have also acquired ISO22000.

(Kyushu Kako: December, 2014  Satuma Kako: March, 2016)

In future also we will continue to aim to safe and stable supply of quality.










Enviornment Consideration Is Important

At our company every individual focuses on caring for

the environment in all aspect of our business activities

and contributing towards global environment. We have recognized environment activities as our first priority    and made the "Environment Policy" for the proper and  firm management.



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First Priority Is The Quality Which Customer's Demand

Our company has a defined quality policy which storngly recognize to provide the desired quality to the customer with stablity in the production.


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