Media Printing
Media Printing

Published in employment magazine

Our company is published in "Employment information magazine for international students Sense Vol.4".

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Published in the local paper

By the corporate planning of the National Local Newspaper, careful selection of procurement site "47 Club".

Our company products are published in local newspaper "47 club" advertisment on following schedule.


Published Schedule 2011,


24th (Sat)  Morning newspaper=Kyoto

26th(Mon)  Evening newspaper=Sankei

28th(Wed)  Morning newspaper=Gifu

29th(Thu) Morning newspaper=Kobe

30th(Fri)   Morning newspaper=Nara

31th(Sat) Evening newspaper=Chunichi




TV Asahi Broadcasting Corporation 

October 2011


The product of group companies and headquarters was introduced by Asahi Broadcasting Corporation 


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The magazine site "Taroe" to introduce a master craftsman in the

March 2011

Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ministry of Labor issued, It was published in the magazine "Taroe".and master craftsman in Naniwa was introduced.

Along with that, published in the site.



Published in Magazine「WEDGE」

October 2010


Published in the Magazine "WEDGE", as a company that supports that industry raw materials such as food and medicine.

For details check this article




Aired on TV

September 2010


Group companies have been aired on TV "turning point Kenjanosentaku" business LAB.


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