CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)means not only to fulfill compliance and the responsibility of a profits contribution but also met the potential demand of customers and society around, contribute to society by using the environment in a better way and actively provide the freedom of information.




The action plan "for work and child care coexistence"

Employees, has developed an action plan to create a friendly environment for both work and childcare.In the activity plan there is "Childern Visiting Day", basis aim is to create the envirornment in which employee having the family can also work better by balancing family and work. Moreover this policy is also specified in the site of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.Please refer


Environmental rating certificate

Our group company Kyushu Kako was accredited Miyagin Environmental rating

excellent of “S “ certification in January 2013.

Our group company Satuma Kako also was accredited same certification in February, 2013.

This is one of proof for efforts of co-existence and co-prosperity with the environment from business citric acid and Shochu waste liquid business. We will continue to make efforts for co-existence and co-prosperity with the environment.


Voluntary Fire Drill and Evacuation Drill 

Every year, Fire Drill is performed in June and Evacuation Drill is performed in December.

Participates as an observer once every three years, a training is provided  so that more efficient self-reliance fire fighting can be done. And we are always ready for the unexpected and trouble to neighboring residents can be suppressed infinite to the minimum.


Employment and Working Environment Report

Monthly Report in April, 2018

Monthly Report in March, 2018

Monthly Report in February, 2018

Monthly Report in January, 2018

Monthly Report in December, 2017

Monthly Report in November, 2017

Monthly Report in October, 2017

Monthly Report in September, 2017

Monthly Report in August, 2017

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