CSR Procurement Policy
CSR Procurement Policy

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)means not only to fulfill compliance and the responsibility of a profits contribution but also met the potential demand of customers and society around, contribute to society by using the environment in a better way and actively provide the freedom of information.


CSR Procurement Policy

We emphasize SHE (Safety, Health, and Environment) and ethical behavior.

We carry on a business declaring following policy,

Also in order to tackle the promotion of this CSR in procurement, we ask our suppliers their cooperation.


1. We will comply with the laws and regulations related to the environment to reduce the load on the environment.

- Regulatory Compliance

- Reducing the consumption of resources

- Reduction of waste


2. We protect employees’ safety and health.

- Illness prevention of the employee by the appropriate working environment maintenance

- Appropriate response and preparedness for Emergency

- Health management of employees


3. Thoroughness of corporate activities in accordance with the code of ethics

- Respect for the individual's personality

- Free and fair action

- Exclusion of the public and private confusion

- Protection of company property

- Compliance with workers' rights

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