Inorganic chemicals
Inorganic chemicals
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Inorganic Chemicals

Inorganic compounds, especially the salts of tin, are used in a wide range of industrial applications such as plating, reducing agents, catalysts, electroconductive materials, glazes, and surface treatments.


Example of Product

Tin compounds

Stannous chloride (hydrate)
 (plating; anti-discharging agent; catalyst)

Stannous chloride (anhydrate)

Stannic chloride (hydrate)
 (silk weighting agent; electroconductive materials)

Stannic chloride (anhydrate)
 (plating; glass reinforcing agent; organotin compounds; organic synthetic catalyst)

Stannous sulfate
 (plating; aluminum electrolytic colorant)

Stannous oxalate
 (plating; catalyst)

Potassium stannate
 (plating; electroconductive materials)

Sodium stannate
 (plating; catalyst; electroconductive materials)

Stannous oxide
 (catalyst; plating; electroconductive materials)

Stannic oxide
 (glaze; abrasive; electroconductive materials)

Metastannic acid
 (flame-retardant; glaze; electroconductive materials)

Potassium titanyl oxalate

Potassium titanyl oxalate
 (metal finishing agent)

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