Dyestuffs and dyeing aids
Dyestuffs and dyeing aids
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Dyestuffs and dyeing aids

Showa Kako produces various types of tar intermediates by the application of dye manufacturing technology, and these are widely used, including as coloring agents, in the manufacture of industrial chemicals. The company also manufactures products such as optical brightening agents for use with various fibers, pulp, and detergent; reactive dyes agent for use cellulose fibers; and naphthol dyes and azoic dispersive dyes for polyester and acetate.


Example of Product

Tar intermediates
 (dye intermediates)

 (optical brightening agent-for fiber, pulp, detergent)

Kako Reactive
 (reactive dye-cellulous fiber)

Kako Grounder
 (naphthol grounding agent-cellulose fiber, dye intermediates)

Kako Base
 (naphthol developer-cellulose fiber, dye intermediates)

Kako Salt
 (naphthol developer-cellulose fiber)

 (azoic dispersive dye-polyester, acetate)

Dyeing aids
Stannous chloride
 (discharging agent)

 (dyeing acid)

RSK Powder, RSK Liquid
 (anti-reducing agent)

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